Community Song Project I

In 2014/15 I organised a project with parents and staff singing songs from their own national backgrounds. In three different studios over the course of the year we recorded 17 songs. The CD we produced includes songs from Somalia, Bangladesh, The Philippines, Poland, England, Lithuania, Hungary and Kenya. To listen to all these songs just continue reading. You will also find lyrics and translations.

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Community Song 2 Lyrics

Community Song 2016 LYRICS
Songs from Scotland, Holland, Italy, France, Bangladesh, Somalia, Kenya and Syria as well as English and South African Islamic nasheeds and a Kurdish chant.
(Give Thanks to Allah by South African Zain Bhika and 99 names of Allah by English Kamal Uddin)

1. Samia
Somali, Swahili and Arabic

2. I Love You Mama
معاشل:بنيتي الحبوبه
حلا :انا
مشاعل:حلوة وطيوبه
مشاعل:لما ابيها تنام تمسك ايديا
مشاعل:وتطلب هاديه

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